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Tributes (Hall of Fame)

The AFVLA wishes to offer a "Tribute" to the doctors and scientists who are and have researched and dedicated their time and talents to obtaining knowledge about Factor V Leiden.

Dr. Richard Wiseman
Dr. Richard Wiseman (1631-1676)
Dr. John Hunter
Dr. John Hunter (1728-1793)
Dr. William Hewson
Dr. William Hewson (1739-1774)

The Father of Haematology

William Hewson has been called the father of haematology. Initially working alongside the Hunter brothers in London in the mid-18th century, he advanced our knowledge of red and white cells (but mistakenly thought some red cells started as white cells and could not recognize different varieties of white corpuscles), showed that it was fibrinogen and not the cells that led to coagulation, greatly advanced our knowledge of the lymphatic system in humans, fishes and amphibians, explored the functions of the thymus and spleen and, investigated pneumothorax and surgical emphysema. His life, cut short at 35 years, was often intertwined with those of the Hunters, Alexander Monro and Benjamin Franklin.

Dr. Rudolf Virchow
Dr. Rudolf Virchow (1821-1902)
Dr. Florence Rena Sabin
Dr. Florence Rena Sabin (1871-1953)
Dr. Winifred Asby
Dr. Winifred Asby (1879-1975)
Dr. Paul Morawitz
Dr. Paul Morawitz (1879-1936)

Dr. Morawitz was a pioneer in the study of coagulation and his 1905 landmark paper is still regarded as a springboard for further study of the physiology of blood. He described four coagulation factors and also pioneered blood transfusion, initially without the benefit of blood typing.

Dr. Lucy Wills
Dr. Lucy Wills (1888-1964)
Dr. Jay McLean
Dr. Jay McLean (1890-1957)
Dr. Frank Schofield
Dr. Frank Schofield (1889-1970)
Dr. Armand J. Quick
Dr. Armand J. Quick (1894-1978)
Dr. Janet Vaughan
Dr. Janet Vaughan (1899-1993)
Dr. Karl Paul Link
Dr. Karl Paul Link (1901-1978)
Dr. Paul A. Owren
Dr. Paul A. Owren (1905-1990)
Dr. Virginia Minnich
Dr. Virginia Minnich (1910-1995)
Dr, Judith Graham Pool
Dr. Judith Graham Pool (1919-1975)
Dr. Frits Rosendaal
Dr. Frits Rosendaal (1959- )
Dr. John H. Griffin
Dr. John H. Griffin

Dr. Bjorn Dahlback (1949- )

Dr. Bjorn Dahlback is best known for his groundbreaking discovery in 1993 of activated protein C (APC) resistance as the most common inherited risk factor of venous thrombosis.

Dr. Bjorn Dahlback
Dr. Bjorn Dahlback
Dr. Bjorn Dahlback
Dr. Bjorn Dahlback Today

Discovery of Factor V Leiden

Factor V Leiden was discovered in 1994 by Leiden researchers Rogier Bertina and Pieter Reitsma. As a result, people who suffer from this defect can now be screened early on and treated with anticoagulants. Thanks to this Leiden discovery, their prognosis is much more positive. 

Dr. Rogier M Bertina
Dr. Rogier M Bertina
Dr. Pieter Reitsma, PHD
Dr. Pieter Reitsma, PhD
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