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Greg on July 4, 2019 enjoying time in the pool with family.

Gregory D. Ousley

July 29, 1969 - July 15, 2019

Husband and father to three daughters, Greg Ousley could best be described as “jolly”. Always smiling and always looking for ways to make others smile, Greg had a loving family, great friends, a great career, a beautiful home… he had it all. At 49 years of age, he began looking forward to his fifties and focusing on what should have been the prime years of his life. He was a little overweight but overall healthy and had not spent even one night in a hospital his entire life.


In celebration of his 50th birthday, he booked a seven-day cruise for he and the family. The cruise was scheduled to leave on his birthday… July 29, 2019.   


That 4th of July was celebrated at home with family spending time in the pool and cooking out in the backyard. The summer was going great and anticipation of the cruise was running high.


A couple days later Greg began experiencing a headache that kept getting worse. He left work early and went home to rest. The over-the-counter medications weren’t offering any relief and finally he decided to visit the emergency room. The ER doctor ran a CT scan without contrast and when that came back ok, he chalked it up to a migraine and sent Greg home with stronger pain medications. Again, the medication wasn’t diminishing the pain at all and in fact, the pain was getting worse. Soon vomiting set in and Greg began experiencing seizures. Another trip to the ER and a scan with contrast this time revealed multiple severe cerebral venous blood clots in the brain. Greg soon lost consciousness and had to be intubated. He was rushed to a third hospital that was better equipped to handle his situation. The doctors opted for surgery to try to remove the clots but without success. Greg never regained consciousness and passed away on July 15, 2019, just two weeks before his 50th birthday.


The medical doctors for his case tested for and confirmed that Factor V Leiden played a large role but could not identify what other medical issues in conjunction with Factor V Leiden triggered the blood clots to form. He had not started any new medications or experienced any medical problems. He did not test positive for other types of thrombophilia. The catalyst that triggered the clots was never identified. They could not explain why the clots formed so quickly or why they developed in the brain versus the much more common deep vein thrombosis or DVT in the legs.


Greg died never knowing he was heterozygous for Factor V Leiden.

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