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First, allow us to say “Thank You” for your interest and support in getting the word out about Factor V Leiden. We very much appreciate it!

There are several ways you can get involved

Spread the Word about Factor V Leiden – As you probably know, very few people have ever heard of Factor V Leiden. Thus, something as simple as talking to your neighbor or someone you know who has had a blood clot or may be starting hormone treatments can make a difference and maybe even save a life.


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Volunteer In Your Community – Consider volunteering your time and talents in areas like starting fundraisers or creating advocacy or support groups for those affected by Factor V Leiden in your area. Please contact the AFVLA for more information and support. We may even be able to send someone from the association to help in your efforts.


Share Your Story With The World – On our “Living With Factor V Leiden – In Their Own Words” page, you will find stories reflecting the personal experiences, words, and emotions of men, women, and children of all ages and race. These stories reflect the diversity of our community, and they point to the inarguable fact that Factor V Leiden and blood clots do not discriminate. Blood clots affect people from all walks of life making them truly a concern to everyone. That’s why we think these patient stories are so popular. More importantly, however, we think that people gravitate toward these stories because they resonate in a way that causes people to quickly realize that they are not alone, or that there are others who have walked the same path or had the same fears, worries, and concerns. Consider sharing your story about your personal experiences or the experiences of someone you know concerning Factor V Leiden. Your story will let everyone know they are not alone in this fight.


Post on the Factor V Leiden Community Open Forum / Discussion Board – This public page is where you can find up to the minute news and information about Factor V Leiden posted by the AFVLA. You can see the latest status on upcoming events and stay up-to-date with what is happening at the association. Here you can share your thoughts and ideas with us and others.  With your help, we can carry out our mission to promote awareness and save lives that would have been lost to blood clots associated with Factor V Leiden.


Join the Online Support Community – Helpful and caring staff at the American Factor V Leiden Association monitor and manage this private, peer-to-peer support community page. It provides a safe and supportive space where people affected by blood clots and Factor V Leiden can gather to share information and interact with others who share their same experience. The Factor V Leiden Community is a place where you can find comfort, get support and answers to your questions, and make new friends. We feel it is very important to let everyone with Factor V Leiden know that they are not alone. This online community is designed to do just that. Your thoughts and insight may be just the encouragement someone in the community is looking for today.


Sponsor a Fundraising Event – Have a great idea about a fundraising event in your area? We can help. Maybe an event such as a wellness fair is coming to your community and you feel the American Factor V Leiden Association would be a great addition to the event. We would love to hear about it… please contact us at


Make a Donation – The American Factor V Leiden Association, Inc is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization. Your gift regardless of the amount goes a long way to further the cause and help get the word out about this barely known disorder.

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