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Given it prevalence in our country and the world, Factor V Leiden has affected the lives of so many people. We feel one of the best outlets for dealing with the concerns and grief that blood clots related to Factor V Leiden can bring is to interact and share your experiences with others.



Join the Facebook Factor V Leiden Community – Helpful and caring staff at the American Factor V Leiden Association monitor and manage this private, peer-to-peer support community page. It provides a safe and supportive space where people affected by blood clots and Factor V Leiden can gather to share information and interact with others who share their same experience. The Factor V Leiden Community is a place where you can find comfort, get support and answers to your questions, and make new friends. We feel it is very important to let everyone with Factor V Leiden know that they are not alone. This online community is designed to do just that. Your thoughts and insight may be just the encouragement someone in the community is looking for today.

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